Research Management Cell (RMC)


With a view to coordinate the research activities in the campus and manage them for better results, a Research Management Cell (RMC) has been formed in the campus. RMC is the research division of Mahendra Ratna Campus formed by the campus management with view to promote and enhance research skills in teachers and coordinate the entire research activities of the campus. RMC has been conducting various programs including one-day research seminars, monthly talk series on the various issues of educational and social research, research methodology training for faculty members, proposal writing workshops for the students and so on.

Objectives of RMC:

  1. to promote the culture of research among the faculty members
  2. to enhance research skills among the teachers and students at the campus
  3. to coordinate research activities in the campus
  4. to organize capacity building workshops for the faculty members to supervise their students’ research
  5. to provide consultancy in research to the national and international organizations
  6. to publish research reports and journals
  7. to organize research conference to update the students and teachers with the research undercurrents


Key activities of the RMC are as follows:

  1. Coordination of research activities of the M.Ed. program for quality research work.
  2. Organization of the workshops and seminars both for the faculty members and students in various areas of research.
  3. Ensuring of the quality in the research work carried out by the students at the Masters level.
  4. Preparation of proposal writing and thesis writing guidelines for the M.Ed. thesis and facilitate the respective departments for their implementation.
  5. Engaging the students in research work throughout the coursework by organizing various research events.
  6. Building the capacity of the faculty members in research areas by involving them in the research activities.
  7. Organization of the conference to provide forum for sharing the research activities.
  8. Publication of the peer-reviewed research journal.
  9. Organization of the issue-based events in key areas of research.
  10. Liaise with the like-minded organizations and collaborate with them in various research activities.
  11. Offering the consultancy services to the government and non-government organizations in various areas of research.
  12. Exposure to the faculty members and the students in research activities in and out of the country.
  13. Coordination of the entire research activities in the campus.

The RMC consists of the following members:

SN Name Designation
1 Prof. Dr. Bhimsen Devkota Coordinator
2 Mr. Ganga Ram Gautam Member
3 Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Singh Member
4 Dr. Ramesh Adhikari Member
5 Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey Member
6 Prof Dr. Ramji Prasad Pandit Member
7 Prof. Dr. PuspaKarn Member
8 Prof. Dr. Indra Kumari Bajracharya Member
9 Dr. Prem Bahadur Kunwar Member
10 Prof. Dr. Krishna Bhakta Maharjan Member
11 Dr. Bishnu Prasad Dhungana Member
13 Dr. Pushkar Singh Raikhola Member
14 Dr. Ganesh Raj Adhikari Member
15 Dr. Durga Dahal Member


Advisory Panel

SN Name Designation
1 Mr. Bhola Nath Bhattarai Campus Chief
2 Mr. UttamLal Shrestha Assistant Campus Chief
3 Mrs. Sahana Pradhan Assistant Campus Chief
4 Dr. Bishnu Khanal Assistant Campus Chief
5 Mr. Badri Prasad Bidari Head, Education
6 Mr. Kaladhar Poudel Head, Population Education
9 Dr. Rishi Ram Rijal Head, Nepali Education
  Mr. Nilmani Head, Economics Education
10 Mr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha Head, Student Teaching
12 Mr. Ram Bahadur Shrestha Head, Campus Administration

 Action Committee

In order to run the day-to-day activities of the RMC, following Action Committee has been formed. The Action Committee is responsible in implementing the decisions made by the RMC and also serve as the Secretariat of the RMC.

  1. Bhimsen Devkota – Coordinator
  2. Ganga Ram Gautam – Member
  3. Ganesh Singh Thakuri – Member
  4. Gopal Prasad Pandey – Member
  5. Ramesh Adhikari – Member

Research journal: Editorial Board

  1. Bhimsen Devkota – Chief Editor
  2. Gopal Pandey – Editor
  3. Genesh Singh – Editor
  4. Remesh Adhikary – Editor
  5. Ramji Pandit- Editor
  6. Durga Dahal- Editor